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12-21-2010_“UCF Economist: 'Twas the Florida Forecast Before Christmas” (90.18 kb)

12-17-2010_“UCF Economist: Labor Market Still 'No-Show' in Recovery” (84.74 kb)

10-29-2010_“Economist Offers Advice to Florida's Next Governor” (103.12 kb)

10-19-2010_“Foreclosure Moratorium is 'Bad News,' Says Fla. Economist” (83.86 kb)

09-30-2010_“'Slow Ride' Rock Hit Describes Economic Recovery” (102.32 kb)

09-23-2010_“UCF Economist: 'Cruel Summer' Leads to Uncertain Autumn” (83.84 kb)

09-17-2010_“UCF Economist: Labor Market Still 'Pitiful'” (100.25 kb)

08-27-2010_“Economist: Bernanke Said 'Just What We Needed'” (84.18 kb)

08-20-2010_“Enigmatic Recovery Revealed Says Florida Economist” (89.15 kb)

07-28-2010 “Economist: 100-Day Oil Spill Delays Florida's Recovery 'A Year, If Not More'” (92.94 kb)

07-16-2010-“UCF Economist Predicts 'Beginning of the End' of Florida Job Losses” (88.19 kb)

06-18-2010-“Census Shocks Job Market For Now, Says UCF Economist” (87.94 kb)

06-08-2010-“Florida's Oil Spill Nightmare: 195,000 Jobs, $10.9 Billion Lost” (86.54 kb)

05-26-2010-“Economist: Put Away the Togas. The U.S. Hasn't ‘Gone Greek’…Yet” (94.03 kb)

05-21-2010-“Despite Good Jobs News, Recovery on ‘Shaky Legs’ Says UCF Economist” (90.54 kb)

04-16-2010-UCF's Sean Snaith: 'Patience is the New Economic Virtue' (87.14 kb)

03-26-2010-“UCF Economist: Light at the End of the Employment Tunnel?” (89.21 kb)

03-10-2010-“UCF Economist: Florida's Job Recovery Will Be ‘Painfully Slow’” (89.96 kb)

03-04-2010-“UCF Economist: Fed Better Not Repeat ‘Sins of the Past’ (90.28 kb)

01-22-10-“UCF Economist: ‘Equal Opportunity’ Unemployment Still Plagues Fla.” (88.82 kb)

01-15-10-“Wall Street Journal Taps UCF Economist For Prestigious Panel” (87.78 kb)


12-02-09-“President's Job Summit: Too Little, Too Late, Says Fla. Economist” (296.03 kb)

11-20-09-“Feast of Bad News: Labor Market’s Still a Turkey, Snaith Says” (100.65 kb)

10-29-09-“Economist's ‘Gore‐cast’ Calls Recession Dead, Unemployment Haunting” (92.13 kb)

10-16-09-“UCF Economist: Dow’s Up, But So Is Fla. Unemployment” (99.06 kb)

10-07-09-“Study: Cleantech Fuels Orange County’s Economy, Helps Environment” (104.07 kb)

09-08-09-“UCF Economist: White House Suffers from ‘Audacity of Scope’” (296.71 kb)

08-25-09-“UCF Economist: Bernanke Nomination Obama's ‘Best Move Yet’” (337.81 kb)

06-23-09-“UCF Economist: Florida’s Small Government Prolongs Painful Recovery” (111.30 kb)

06-19-09-“UCF Economist: Double‐Trouble Unemployment Here to Stay” (101.92 kb)

06-05-09-“Fla. Economist: Shape of The Recession? Think ‘Gravy Boat’” (106.64 kb)

05-22-09-“Unemployment Number Down in Florida; No Time to Celebrate” (101.69 kb)

05-07-09-“UCF Economist: Feds' Stress Test Just Diagnoses Existing Disease” (100.43 kb)

04-17-09-“UCF Economist: ‘The Freefall Might Be Over, But We’re Still Going Down’” (102.59 kb)

03-31-09-“UCF Economist: It's Time to Pay for Florida's Ponzi Scheme” (105.94 kb)

03-06-09-“UCF Economist: ‘No Glimmer of Hope’” (102.63 kb)

02-26-09-“UCF Economist: Obama's Stimulus Makes Me LOL” (90.64 kb)

01-29-09-“UCF Economist: Ready for TARP, Part Deux?” (101.71 kb)

01-23-09-“UCF Economist: No More Fantasy in Florida's Job Market” (102.15 kb)

01-14-09-“UCF Economist: Retailers Will Face ‘Economic Darwinism’ in 2009” (98.76 kb)